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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I'm very excited to see this:

This movie looks so good - even before I read about this movie on this blog:, I was intrigued, just by the trailer.  Now that I know more about it, and the goal to let Hollywood know this type of movie is desired, I'm even more excited to go see it.  A wholesome, TRUE family-values type of movie I can take my daughter to?  Hmm...reckons (do I really  mean harkens?  guess I should not use wordsof which  I'm not 100% of the proper meaning) back to when I was a kid and my parents never had to worry about what they were taking us to see. 
Now, I am no prude. And, I am a strong Christian, but I go see many types of movies.  But...I'm an adult.  As a parent, I do feel strongly that it is MY job to protect what my daughter sees - to keep things appropriate for her age, not for what the world thinks is okay for her.  She needs to be a child for as long as possible, innocent and happy and as worry free as possible.  If I can actually take her to a movie without fearing what she'll be exposed to, I'd be thrilled :)
Please read the link, and go see the movie - on the requested day if possible, to send a message!  If I remember, I'll try to write up what I thought of the movie, after seeing it.

'Til Later!

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