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Friday, March 25, 2011


Do you ever have a restless feeling day?  I am having one of those.  I want to do something crafty, but don't know what. I have an idea for a couple of different projects, but until I buy wood and Modge Podge and sticker letters, I can't do either of them.  I could sew...that's likely what I'll go do. Once I pull myself away from reading blogs and FB.  What a time sucker FB is!  Who cares what people you barely know are doing?  This is why I need to get much more crafty.
We're supposed to run out for grocery shopping, later, but who knows when.  When Aaron says he's ready, we need to be ready to go.  But he's working in his office so it could be in 10 minutes or in a couple of hours.  Still, I could sew....
I think I'm just in a weird mood, too.  Not cranky, but, well....restless.  I got up at 5:30, showered, sat down at 5:45 to start my homework on my Bible Study.  I just started the Esther study by Beth Moore with a small group of women (only one of whom I know, but I'm very excited - none of the other ladies are 20 something new moms.  These are ladies with life experiences!  While they're all older than I am - believe it or not - I'm finally in a group of women who aren't looking at me like "what could we possibly have in common with a 40 something mom of a 4 year old?  we're hipper and cuter!").  I've been wanting to do a Beth Moore study for years, and have been hearing God whisper I need time with Him and Him alone every day.  The homework for this study is 5 days of intense study each week.  So I knew the timing was right to get me going.
Today, first day (so proud I got up and ready!), 5:55 a diesel pickup across the street started up and revved its engine before taking off.  6:00 "Mommy!  Mommy!  Mommy!"  Couldn't get her back to sleep, so we dozed in bed together until 8. 
Which is when she normally wakes up!  I was so looking forward to that 2 hours of quiet time. 
I did get Day 1 homework finished, later in the morning when Izzy was occupied with something else.
Now, there's day 2 of homework ahead of me, so tomorrow morning, we try again.

Well, another part of every day - "Mommy, I'm STILL hungry" after Izzy finished her lunch - that I gave her so I could type this.  Okay, not just so I could type this.  I do like to nourish my daughter with all her meals and snacks for her growth, not just for quiet time for Mommy.  haha!

'Til Later!

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  1. We need a night out at the sketti factory :)