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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Do I Really Have Time For This, Too?

Hi. Since this is the first post on my third attempt at a blog, I should use this one to write a little about myself....right? Is that how it should be done? My first blog went for 3 years, just for family and friends, all about my daughter. She was born on a Monday, so we posted pictures of her every Monday. Well, for the first couple of years. Then, we got busy with life and playdates and a big move. So it wasn't as consistent. And, eventually, I just didn't post anymore.

Then, I started a blog, that was supposed to be about my life as a mom of a post-toddler/early pre-schooler. I think I made one...possibly two...posts. I think I just wasn't motivated. But, now, I'm feeling the pull to write things, again. Maybe no one will read. Or maybe just my two best friends will follow. But, maybe it'll satisfy one creative need, at least.

Oh, did I say who I am? My name is Sherry. I'm an OLD mom of a 4 year old daughter, Isabella, who is THE light of the lives of my husband and myself. I stay at home with Isabella, though I do work very part time outside the house, two days a month (at this point). We are followers and lovers of Christ, and hope to share that love and relationship with Izzy. I am planning to home school. And, I'm trying to be a more crafty mom, to satisfy that need all preschoolers have of creating....anything and everything!

Since I'm home almost every day with a 4 year old, my need for adult conversation (uninterrupted, at that) is huge. I think that's partly why I'm writing (or attempting to write) this blog. Also, I've become so addicted to looking at craft blogs, and reading homeschoolers blogs, I guess it was inevitable I'd try my hand at it.

So...what will I write about? Well, of course, about my kiddo and the hilarious (and smart) things she says and does. I'm sure I'll share pictures of her artwork and crafts. Once we get going with homeschool, if I've stuck this out, I'll write about our adventures with that. As any Christian knows, there are ups and downs with our faith. I may blog about things I'm thinking, reading, going through, struggling with - if anyone happens to be following and wants to comment, or discuss, that would be great!

And...well, since my title is "The Adventures of an Oh-So-Not Crafty Mama," I thought I'd share my own craft projects. If I get the idea from someone else's blog, I'll link to them, so you can get the real directions on what to do!

I guess this really is going to be a blog of my rambling about anything and everything going on. If you're snoopy, or just needing a friend and you're feeling isolated as I do so much of the time right now, you are welcome to read and even comment.

Well, I'll leave this first post with a couple of pictures of crafts I've done in the past couple of weeks. Oh, boy.....:) As you'll see - I'm really not very arty or crafty, but for some reason, feel the need to make things, anyway.

This was from Little Birdie Secrets:How To Make Torn Paper Flowers

And here is my daughter with her name, outside her room (which was where she wanted them, not inside). I am no painter, obviously. But Isabella's reaction made me feel like I was!  She loves it.  Warms my heart.

I don't know how often I'll get on here (did you see the title for this post?  I'm sure you can relate....).  But...until next time!


  1. Congrats on your first post. Hope you enjoy your crafty journey and look forward to seeing your projects.