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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Busy Day

Last night, I made a tutu for Isabella. I found the directions for it on No Time For Flashcards' post.  I bought all I thought I needed from Walmart.  Got frustrated because the ribbon roll was deceptively short.  But, I made it work.  I loved how it looked, and couldn't wait until Izzy saw it, this morning. 
Cute, huh?  Well, once I tied it around Isabella, I realized I need more tulle.  It's more of a tutu apron, right now.  Ah, well....she LOVES it, so I'll wait before I run out and spend money I shouldn't really spend, right now on more tulle.
The beads Izzy's wearing are a purchase she made while we went to garage sales, this morning.  Normally, she doesn't like to go.  But, she's has a new passion for horses, and I told her we should look for My Little Ponies or horses to buy at garage sales.  She was eager to go, once she thought THAT was a good idea.  And she scored!  Along with 3 sets of beads, she came home with a Barbie (all of my old ones are falling apart, now that she's old enough to play with them), a My Little Pony, another little hard body horse, 3 pairs of shoes to grow into, a shirt, a dress, and....major score.....a stuffed horse.  I HAD made a vow no more stuffed animals.  But, she spotted it as we drove by a house, fell immediately in love with it, and it's been by her side the rest of the day (and night).
After we got home, we decided today was a good day to bake.  We started off with oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.

Don't worry - Izzy can eat the cookie dough.  I used flax and water instead of eggs.  With this cookie, you can't taste the difference, and they don't go stale as quickly.  It's great! (and healthy)

After we made the cookies, I made homemade Wheat Thins.  I found the recipe on Two Peas and Their Pod's website.  I didn't make any changes, and after baking them, the only thing I'd add is pricking them with a fork before putting them in the oven.  I had some get an air bubble.  The best tasting ones were the ones without the air bubble. 
Also, next time, I'd make sure they were a littl emore browned.  I was paranoid about burning them.
Here are some pictures of the process:

 Oops...the wine isn't in the crackers.  The bottle was just there, awaiting me for after Izzy's bedtime relaxtion.
 Love our Silpats!
 We don't have much counter space...had to share with the crockpot, which held our delicious dinner of BBQ pork steaks.

 Used the pizza cutter we got from my parents' trip to Stockholm, South Dakota's anniversary celebration.  :)
 Ready for the oven...

Ready for my belly.  haha!

Well, I'm beat.  So...
'Til Later!


  1. Good job blogging!!

    P.S. I still dont' see me on your blog list. Hmmphf!

  2. I'm not sure why it wouldn't put you on the list, when I made sure I was following you. Some blogs I followed went right on the list. But, I found the area to add more, and found many of the blogs I signed up to follow that weren't on the list. you're on there, now!