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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Hello to another attempt at blogging.

Well, hello there, my dear old blog.  Long time (almost 2 years) no see!  What a lot has happened, and yet how much has stayed the same.
Over the last year (or so), I realized just how much I used Facebook to express every little thought and emotion I had. (Well, maybe not as much as I picture - I typed but never posted MANY things in the heat of the moment. Had that foresight to not post.)  So many little things on Facebook, from people's political views to unnecessary drama, have been getting on my nerves.  But I find I'm still staring at my phone, looking to see if there is something new on Facebook, WAY too often.  Haven't cut the Facebook tie.  And likely won't, as I do enjoy keeping in touch with friends far away through the convenience of it.  But, it may be time to take the app off the front of my Windows phone, so it's not as convenient.
I have been thinking of dusting off this blog, and try to use it, again, as my own little electronic journal.  Not as many people will read my ventings, but I can still get it out of my brain. (Lost any of my few followers, yet? haha!!)

So, this has been on my mind for a couple of weeks.  Then, this morning, while I was reading in The Purpose Driven Life, by Rick Warren

 (yes, I know....reading it a dozen years behind the rest of the world!), in the chapter I am on, Pastor Warren wrote (on researching or studying the Bible): "You haven't really studied the Bible unless you've written your thoughts down on paper or computer."  Light bulb moment...hello!  Was being nagged by the thought of coming back to the blog, but didn't have a set purpose.  Now I am purpose driven.  Haha. Sorry...couldn't stop myself.  If you read that, it made the final edit, bad as it was.

So, this chapter I read this morning was Chapter 24, Transformed by Truth.  This entire book is speaking volumes to me.  But this chapter, this morning, had me re-thinking how I need to take what I'm reading in the Bible each morning (I read a chapter in a New Testament book that is not a Gospel, read a chapter in a Gospel, and a chapter in an Old Testament book (reading each book in order) and then a chapter in Proverbs (31 chapters = 1 chapter a day/month and start over) and camp on a question or thought from what I've read (ie: meditate on it), a verse or two. And I need to write about it.  And I must apply its principle.

I know I have grown in my relationship with Christ so much, but I see all the room for more growth.  All of life should be a continual growth, to become as Christ.  I think I'm a nice person and would help anyone I can. I outwardly nice to everyone?  Do I help anyone?  How is that help to be given?  I have no extra money.  I have time.  I have ears.  I have....I'm sure many things I can give/do/be.....Striving daily to become like Jesus.

So I am going to try to use this blog to think out my thoughts, plan out my plans, vent out my vents, and share what I need to share that may be too much to share on Facebook.  :)

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