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Friday, October 19, 2012

Baking Frenzy

Faced with a day, yesterday, of nothing really to do, after we finished schoolwork, I decided to make some crunchy granola bars. Making granola bars is a new adventure for me. :) Wednesday, I made some chewy peanut butter chocolate chip ones. Isabella loved them (happy mommy!). The crunchy ones taste good, too ( though the girl hasn't tried them, yet). I consider those part success and part fail, though. I obviously didn't grease the pan well enough. Half came out as bars. Half came out as crumbled granola bits. That's okay, though. Incan put those on yogurt!
After I baked the granola bars, I tried homemade Ritz crackers. I cut them too thick (the recipe said THIN, and it meant it!!). But they were still yummy - especially with peanut butter on them (thanks to hubby for suggestion). After that, after hubby pouted I hadn't made a dessert type baked good, I then made pumpkin cinnamon rolls. As much as I love baking, and have never feared trying new things, I have lived in fear of yeast. But I opened a new jar and took the plunge! They turned out beautiful. Hubby's suggestion, this time, should not have been taken. He asked i double the glaze. That made the rolls way too sweet. But, under all that glaze, the rolls were delightful!! After that was all done and cleaned up, I had to make and assemble and bake enchiladas. Needless to say, I was so done with the kitchen , last night!
Going to try my hand at sewing a pillowcase, today...
'Til next time!

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  1. haha! my first blogpost using my phone, and apparently, I didn't see my photos were actually upside down. Well, just tilt your head! ;)