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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Why I Will Not Boycott Chick-Fil-A

Wow, again, it's been a very long time since I posted anything on my blog. Life with a 5 year old takes up more free time than life with a baby or toddler. I would've never thought it would be that way, but I won't trade a second of it (well, maybe some of the tantrum moments, but we don't need to discuss that).

I had planned to start blogging, again, in about a week, when I attempt to replace a zipper on a Lands End Jumper. They did a beautiful job. I know I won't. But, it's for Isabella's school uniform, so no matter what, I will make sure it's functional.

But, tonight, I am chewing through thoughts in my head that need to be spit out - hubby's gone for the evening (and when he reads this, he'll be thankful, so he didn't have to listen to my jibber jabber).  So, lucky blog readers, if you decide to read - I will spit them out by typing....

Okay - so the thing going around on Facebook is the Chick-Fil-A "controversy." I don't understand how anyone is shocked that the owners/founders/whatever you call them have this opinion. It's an openly Christian run company. They don't jam their religion down our throats. They serve decent fast food. Just happen to be open about being Christians, and they aren't open on Sundays. Bummer, as that's when I tend to crave their food. When we lived in Washington, our absolute favorite teriyaki restaurant was closed on Sundays, and that's when I wanted THEIR teriyaki. (By the way, what's with Texas NOT having a teriyaki restaurant in every strip mall?) Okay, I'm digressing.

This is the thing that has been chewing around in my head. I am not even going to touch on the topic that has put everyone up in arms. This has been a hot-bed topic for a long time, and will continue to be so. The thing that is bothering me, though, is the OUTRAGE that people are feeling towards the owners for Chick-Fil-A for their public statement.

Isn't this a country that people came to, to be able to live freely? To worship the way they believe? To be able to express their opinions without persecution? Oh, wait - without GOVERNMENT persecution. Did I miss the memo that says individuals can go ahead and hate on people whose opinion is different from theirs? Who believe different from the way they do?

Here is a thought - what if I walked into Chick-Fil-A, said I am a supporter of gay marriage - just said that, nothing more - and then placed my order. What if, after I did that, they refused to serve me because they didn't agree with my opinion. What if, then, I called the media and complained they wouldn't serve me because my opinion was different. Wouldn't there be an outrage over how badly they treated me? Because we had a difference of opinion?

What I always explain to my daughter is that we're all different. That some people have different color hair, eyes, skin. Some people are in wheelchairs or don't have an arm.  That, just as she came to our family in a way different from the way most of her friends came to theirs, families are all made up in different ways. That some people are Christian, as we are. That other people believe things differently. But that God made each of us. Whether a person believes in God or not - that is that person's choice. But, that I strongly believe God made us each individuals, with free will, and free thought, and FREE opinions.
I like that not all my friends and family agree with everything I think. I have strong opinions on things, and a very strong belief in God and His Son. And I don't appreciate someone treating me like I'm stupid because they feel the opposite. We all see the world through our own individual eyes, and through the way God places things on our hearts.  If I boycotted every place that was run by someone who has strongly differing opinions from mine (even when I am clearly in the right!), I would never buy anything, be able to eat, or leave my house. Even people in my family have vastly different opinions from mine.

It is my job, as a Christian, to show Christ's love to EVERYONE. That is what is important to me. Even loving people whose opinions differ. Even loving people who think I'm stupid for my differing opinion.

So, no matter how I feel about the statement, positive or negative, made by "Chick-Fil-A," I will not boycott them. They did not say they will check my opinion before they will serve me, did they? I will honor the freedom we have in this country to publicly express our opinions, if we so choose.  What is boycotting them supposed to do? Force them to change their opinion? Do you want YOURS forced to change?


  1. Outstanding "rambling", my dear friend! :) I couldn't have worded it any better.

  2. Well said, I am in your boat. We enjoyed Chic-fil-a the other night.

    Cousin Michael