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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Homeschooling 2nd grade

As I looked over what my past posts were, I saw that last I referenced school, I was homeschooling Pre-K, with the intention of continuing with homeschooling.

 But, in the late fall of 2011, we heard about a University Model School, for the first time.  So, we went to a meeting to learn about it, became intrigued, and decided that was for us.  2 days a week in a classical Christian college prep education and 3 days a week at home with me teaching her (from the provided lessons) seemed like the absolute perfect schooling for our girl.
In the fall of 2012, Isabella started kindergarten!

 And it was great.  Her teacher was the perfect fit for her personality.  And she absolutely thrived.  AND I still had lots of time with her, teaching her, having fun doing that.

We weren't sure we could make it work, financially, for her to go into 1st grade at the school.  But, at the last possible time to re-enroll, we were able to.  Whew!  Because I was not mentally prepared to homeschool her full time!  We needed those few hours a week away from each other. ha!

First grade was good, but not nearly as wonderful a year as kindergarten, for a few reasons I'll keep to myself.

Emotionally, it made Isabella fall back a bit.  Academically, except for math, she did just fine.  But I started feeling strongly that I should homeschool 2nd grade.  I prayed about it, and I just felt this was what needed to happen.  I think her teacher, when she learned of our decision, felt it was a good idea, which spoke volumes.

So after Isabella and I went on a nice vacation to Seattle for my niece's wedding (and to see so many people, over 2-1/2 weeks), I set to work getting a lesson plan pulled together.  I am sticking very closely to the curriculum her school is using, with the idea she'll go back there for 3rd grade.  It took me pretty much most of July, but when I finished, I had 40 weeks of lessons written up, library books we need and when listed out, art supplies for 4 months purchased, and we were good to go!

While I miss the time I had alone and seeing fellow moms from school while we waited in pickup line, I feel strongly, still, this was the right decision for our family, this year.  Not every day is sunshine and roses.  But, watching Isabella start to catch on to some concepts, and just having that time together (even when it's a really bad day) means the world to me!

Off to be with the family.
'Til next time!

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