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Monday, May 2, 2011

My Silly, Sweet, Precious girl

Hubby bought a new weed whacker (okay, probably not the official name, but it's what I call it), as our old one died a sad death (think flames shooting out of motor). Is there anything better than a nice big box?

One day, a couple of weeks ago, our former MOPS group hosted a Pajama Party, in the morning, for the kiddos. We were invited to go, so we did! Though Isabella wouldn't wear pajamas. To her credit, she doesn't wear pajamas when she sleeps, either. She picks out the clothes she wants to wear the next day and sleeps in those. Her own very efficient idea. The first thing the kids did, at the party, was decorate a box for the loveys they brought.

Isabella made sure her flowers had butterflies on them.

After the boxes were decorated and the loveys set into them, it was time for a parade (oh, and notice, even if she wasn't wearing PJ's, Isabella did wear her new slippers):

Later, that same afternoon, Isabella and I headed into the City for a service project with a volunteer organization we're part of. Izzy fell asleep, on the drive up. Since it was a busy morning, and I wanted her happy at the service project, I let her stay asleep on the drive. Normally, this isn't allowed, as we like a somewhat consistent bedtime, and car naps (even 5 minutes) then result in an extremely late bedtime (ie: Mommy ends up going to bed right after Izzy, and there's no time for TV and relaxing with Daddy). Isn't she just precious?

Our service project, this time, was assembling sandwiches at a food kitchen for the homeless. Isabella had a blast, making the sandwiches. All I did was get things ready for her - she assembled all of the ones we made, herself.

After each sandwich was put together, she'd pat it before putting it in the bin. She said she was giving it love, so that the people eating them the next day, would feel the love. Again...isn't she just precious?

Yes, I know...all Mommies feel that's the way it's supposed to be though! :)

'Til Later, Gator!


  1. Awww, she is definitely a precious little girl! How sweet!


  2. What a cute family you have. (My children were always fascinated with boxes as well!) And how wonderful that you are teaching her the joy of service while she is young. I also enjoyed seeing your awesome garden! You go girl! Thanks so much for stopping by & leaving a comment on my blog. Great to "meet" you.

    Warmly, Michelle

  3. LaDonna...Thank you! We think so :)

  4. Michelle, Thank you so much! I just have to say I LOVE your blog! It's great to "meet" you, too! :)