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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Garden Gone Crazy

It's been awhile since I last posted (again! I'm great at composing blogs in my head...not so great at sitting down to type them out).
In the 2 months since we planted the garden, it has gone NUTS! These are the most recent pictures:

We've been enjoying so much lettuce and yellow squash.  And now, the green beans are producing so much, too.  The pea plants look horrible.  We're having a drought here in Central Texas, and some unusually high temperatures.  I've been trying to keep the garden watered as best I can - I use the water I wash the lettuce in to supplement any short waterings I do.  I just dump the water from the rinse bowl into a bucket and haul it out - feels like pioneer times.  Haha!  But, the peas plants get browner and drier.  The funny thing is, the browner they get, the more pods are showing up, and the bigger the peas are getting.  The pods look terrible, but the peas are really yummy - so far, anyway.  Probably won't end up with all that many, but that's okay.
Here is what I picked today - 22 ounces/2 bowls full of lettuce, today, alone!  

See, the peas, once they're out of the pods, look so pretty!

Well, tomorrow is one of the two days I work each month, so it's off to bed I go. 
I hope Memorial Day weekend is a good one for all - hopefully this crazy, tragic weather is ending for the year. Praying so much and so often for those who have been affected by all the tornadoes. 
'Til Later!

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