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Friday, September 2, 2011

Busy Couple of Days

Yesterday, I made brownies and all day simmering spaghetti sauce.  Of course, there are certain things you HAVE to do when you make brownies - like lick the spoon!  :)
The recipe I've used the last 2 times I made brownies I LOVE!  Find it at
 After I got the sauce simmering and pictures taken, I meant to write a blog post about kids not liking certain meals.  See - I always swore I would NEVER make a separate meal for my kids. What I make is what we eat - it's not always going to be their favorite.  It's not always MY favorite. But, you eat what's made for you!  But, Isabella hates spaghetti so much, I failed in my resolve, and I do make her something separate.  It's not actually making a separate meal - I either heat up a leftover, or make a sandwich for her.  Yesterday, she asked for hamburger and rice, which we had leftover in the fridge. So I planned to heat that up for her. I ran out of time to write a blog post before we had dinner. So, I heated the leftovers for her, and plated my food. As I started eating, Isabella came over and asked for a piece of hamburger out of my spaghetti. so I let her have a piece.  Then, she wanted some noodles with some hamburger. So I got some on the fork for her.  Then, she asked for her own dish of spaghetti....WHAT?  Woohoo!!  And, as you can tell below, she certainly got into her dinner....

 After dinner, I looked at my dining room table, and just shook my head. It's such a disaster.  And I was at a loss what to do to get organized. Most of it is school paperwork, but there was a mix of other junk...I mean, stuff...piled up there, too.  So, I decided that was going to be my project for today. 
This little table is my teacher table (or, rather a little used tv tray) for when we do school.  such a tiny area to keep my daily paperwork, books to read, etc. organized.  After I took this photo, I headed into my  husband's office, dug through some bins in the closet, and finally found our office supplies bin. AND found everything I was hoping to find - file folders, page protectors, divider pages, and folder inserts for 3 ring binders.  I was ready for today, by the time I went to bed!
 I worked all day..repurposed a basket that used to hold miscellaneous workbooks for preschool work, craft books, devotional books, and put our library books, and books we own, that we're using for school reading in it.  Moved it to be right next to the glider rocker I sit in to teach. feels so good to have them in that basket, right at my fingertips, instead of stacked on the coffee table across the room!
 A friend no longer needed her scrapbook case, so had given it to me. Mine is broken and ready for the dump.  But, I haven't moved scrapbooking stuff in it, yet.  Instead, I have now decided to put workbooks, my files of worksheets, and miscellaneous little books and supplies in it for school.  All neat and tidy!
 I didn't want to take up space in our book basket with our devotional books, but want them close at hand, so I can decide each day which book to use.  So, I stacked them on top of the tv, since that's next to my book basket and chair. I think it's a practical, and yet not ugly, way to display and use them!
 Now, after organizing my September lesson plans and the worksheets that go with each days' work into a big 3 ring binder, this is how my teaching table looks!  LOVELY!

 I think I mentioned in an earlier post that I'm using the curriculum posted on Preschool Palace. I printed out all of September's days, crossed out things we won't do (meant for a classroom with more than 1 kiddo), added notes of additional work we will do, and labeled each day (some days, we'll use more than one of Preschool Palace's days) with a Letter and number.
 Then, I labeled the file inserts A-F (because that's all I had).  The worksheets that match up with each day are bundled together and labeled to match the day, and filed in the correct letter file.  Should make each day so easy - just grab that packet out at the start, and we're ready to get on with the day!
The front and back pockets hold the items that are too large for the file inserts.
And now - look how clean my table looks!!  Just our wooden napkin basket and my Bible study materials, along with the (crooked) table runner and candle.  YAY!  How long can I keep it looking this good?  It is certainly a peaceful feeling to have one area looking so nice and uncluttered......
 As opposed to the playroom. This is what I found after spending all day on the dining room table disaster and organizing school paperwork.  I just turned and walked away.
'Til Later!

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